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Our Story

Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique opened its brick-and-mortar store in November 2010, offering a curated collection of women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and gifts.

Indigeaux was born from the minds of a mother-daughter duo, Katie Rozier Bosso and Kelly Rozier, putting their dreams into action in order to bring a big-city shopping destination to the residents and visitors of the beautiful Gulf Coast. Determined that nothing would stand in their way, Katie and Kelly put pen to paper, capturing years of the most endearing aspects of a mother and her daughters’ shopping escapades across North America. The Indigeaux experience is embellished with southern charm and hospitality geared to instill confidence and a “make them stop and stare” style in the young and young at heart.

Whether you shop with us in-store, order online at ShopIDB.com, or follow along with our journey on social media, we aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience that helps you and your loved ones create special memories just like the ones that inspired Indigeaux’s beginning.

Our Team

Katie R. Bosso, Owner & Operator

Katie, a Pensacola native, is married to Scott Bosso, IDB’s resident box recycler and handy man who also happens to be a professional firefighter. She launched Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique to bring a shopping experience infused with style and sophistication to the Gulf Coast of Florida. She loves having the privilege of dressing women all while helping build their self-confidence. Her best fashion advice is “if you love what you are wearing, it will show!” Katie’s favorite part of being a business owner is having the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with Indigeaux’s customers, sharing that she “truly enjoy(s) seeing our customers through different seasons in their lives. I have helped high school girls select their first homecoming dresses and college recruitment outfits. It warms my heart when they return for their bridal wardrobe.” Katie adores encouraging a culture of mentorship for the staff of IDB and loves watching them evolve into well-rounded, successful career women. In her free time,

Katie has run a half marathon, prefers to take her dessert before dinner, and is working hard at building her denim collection, owning 25+ pairs already!

Kelly Rozier, Owner

Although a registered nurse by trade, Kelly’s life has revolved around shopping for as long as she can remember. “Fashion has always been a creative outlet for me,” says Kelly. “Indigeaux has given me the opportunity to exercise my entrepreneurial spirit and celebrate the beauty and strength of all types of women through the common love of clothes, jewels, shoes, and other sundries.” She believes that the best start to every morning begins on the back porch, sipping a cup of coffee while meditating and bird watching with Krewe, her Springerdoodle. Kelly has been married to Captain Wes for (ever), is the official Mom of Lindsay and Katie, and the unofficial Mom of many others. Kelly has never met a stranger and is best known for making everyone feel welcome when they come to Indigeaux, always offering a smile and mimosas or coffee to shoppers!

Franklin W. Rozier (Captain Wes), Financial Officer

There is a fine balance between fashion and finance, and Captain Wes manages it like a pro! Indigeaux would not be where it is today without him. When Indigeaux was just an idea, Capt. Wes challenged and encouraged his daughter Katie and wife Kelly to develop their brainchild’s business plan. Wes makes sure to keep all of the Indigeaux Girls on track, doing the work no one else loves through frequent phone calls, TEXT MESSAGES, AND EMAILS (ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS). Ever wanted to thank someone for IDB’s famous sales? Capt. West is the mastermind behind them all! Even though he is a local fishing and hunting guide, Captain Wes appreciates a good pair of designer jeans and isn’t scared to admit it.

Reagan, Manager of Digital Marketing & Store Operations

Reagan, an alumna of the University of West Florida known for her edgy fashion choices and pop of color on her lips, has grown with Indigeaux over the years. She began as a stylist in 2015 and has supported Indigeaux through a move that doubled its retail space and the launch of ShopIDB.com, all while pursuing a degree in public relations with a specialization in digital marketing. Reagan loves all things social media and is the content creator for Indigeaux’s charming Instagram. Her favorite days at work are spent styling photoshoots or connecting with virtual customers. When she’s not focusing on all things IDB, this beauty enthusiast can be spotted daydreaming about TV shows and celebrities, always with an iced coffee or Dr. Pepper in hand.